Nursery Dreams

Wednesday , 3, April 2013 1 Comment

Every time I walk into Pier 1 and other décor stores, I start dreaming of the future: future home, future baby, future projects. Something about home décor places just seem to do that to me. The last time I was in there, I saw one painting that sparked ideas for an entire room, the nursery. We are NOT expecting or really planning for a little brother or sister for the Goober right now anyway, but it is still fun to dream about “someday”.

This was the painting:

Doesn’t it just scream adorable circus nursery? I love the softness of the elephant’s silhouette and the colors used to speckle it. I love the amount of fun colors and items that it would allow you to use. I ran around the store taking pictures of other things I would put in the nursery and came up this this.

I would round out the room with this circus themed plush set by Stuf.

I can say with certainty though that no matter how we decide to decorate our “someday” nursery, NO creepy clown paintings like this one spotted at a local thrift store will be going up in there.

What stores make you dream? Do you ever get inspired and just go with it, even just for fun? What would your dream nursery look like? Does the clown picture make you want to hide under your covers wondering why you ever convinced your mother to let you watch IT and Poltergeist as a child?

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