No More Texting While Driving

Friday , 7, June 2013 2 Comments

Seems simple enough, right?  Don’t text and drive.  But I do it.  With my son in the car.

There is no excuse for texting while driving.  NOTHING is more important than the safety of my family.  I know it but I do it anyway.  It has to stop.  So, I’m done.  Not doing it anymore.  Not even when stopped at a red light.  It just isn’t necessary.  I could use those moments to make funny faces at my son, or look around.  Who knows how much I have been missing with my nose stuck in my phone.  I am so over it.

I am sure I’m not the only one who does it.  If you are distracted by your phone while driving, I challenge you to stop!  Put your phone in your purse or the glove box and leave it there.  That is my plan.  I’m going to leave my phone in my purse while the car is running.  Starting now.  Because he is more than worth it.



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  • Mary Adams says:

    Yep! What more is there to say? If having it in your purse still tempts you, put it in the backseat where you can’t reach it. Put it on silent as well so that you don’t hear the texts coming in or even the phone ringing. Nothing is important enough to put you, your child or some innocent person’s life in danger.

    Enough said. I commend you Rachel for realizing this, stopping this and also for bringing it here to this open forum so that others will realize they need to stop as well.

    So now please tell me you weren’t driving when you texted me just now. 😉

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