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Wednesday , 19, September 2012 2 Comments

What is your best ‘Mommy Brain’ moment?  You know, the last time you did something REALLY silly (stupid)!

What is wrong with this picture?  Well, you are looking at a bottle full of water.  No, I do not feed Eli water from a bottle, but the other night I tried to.  In my bleary state, I thought I had gotten his bottle ready but when I sat down to feed him….I realized I had forgotten to add the formula.  Oops!

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  • Wendy says:

    I can remember one of the most gross things that happened with my oldest when he was a newborn…after alot of sleep deprived days and nights there was one evening when I couldn’t figure out where some nasty smell was coming from until I finally caught a glimpse of my shoulder in the bathroom mirror…there was spit-up down my shirt that I hadn’t realized was there! So I made sure to get a shower and some clean clothes that night!!

  • Rachel says:

    Ha! I have recently given up on having clean clothes all day. If I changed clothes every time I got something on them…whether it be baby food, spit up, or dirt…..I’d be changing 5 times a day!

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