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The following images are a snapshot of what I experience each day.  I try not to live life through the lens of my camera (or phone) but i do like to capture bits of what goes on.  So, here is a peek into what has been going on with the Joneses this week.

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My view from here 2Last week, Eli got to meet his new cousin, Audrey.  This was quite thrilling for him as evidenced by the volume of his voice.  He kept getting louder and louder!  Audrey is Eli’s first girl cousin and also the first cousin younger than him.  He loved holding her and covering her with her blanket.  This picture really says it all.  I’m thrilled that he likes her so much.  I just hope he likes his baby brother too!

My view from here 1After the crazy icy/snowy weather from last week (and 2 weeks ago!) the 60 degree temps on Sunday had us (especially Eli) itching to go outside.  We’re gearing up for a big garden this summer so Eli and Daddy started getting the soil ready for seeds.  We’ll head to Arnall Grocery Company next weekend to pick out our seeds.  We love this little store in donwtown Newnan.  Check it out if you need seeds, plants, or fertilizer for your garden.  My view from here 3

The app on my phone says that the baby will be here in 46 days…whew.  It really is time to start getting ready.  Thank goodness my mom is coming to help!  She arrives today and we have a LONG list of things to accomplish.  We will paint two bedrooms and a bathroom, move a big boy bed into Eli’s room and a crib into the new nursery, and sort baby clothes from the attic, all while trying to potty train Eli.  Wish us luck!  Oh, we purchased our paint at the Newnan Home Depot this weekend.  The staff was friendly and competent.


My view from here 4


So, you’re driving down the road and your toddler is drawing on a dry erase board.  The mirror you usually use to keep an eye on the back seat broke and you haven’t had time to replace it.  No big deal right?  Right.  Until you hear your toddler say….’Mommy, Draw Head?’  I quickly glanced into the back seat and saw that the damage was already done.  He had indeed drawn on his head.  The good news is dry erase marker comes off surprisingly well with just a Huggies wipe.  How cute is my little artist?

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