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Saturday , 30, July 2011 1 Comment

A year ago, I gave myself the early birthday present of an iPod touch!  I’d been looking at it since a friend had shown me all the cool apps for a year or so.  I planned on using it to make awesome playlists to keep me running through 5Ks and to read ebooks when I was traveling.  I should have known that for the first 4 months, I would generally surrender the iPod to my 2 year old, so she could play games.  That IS one of the reasons I got an iPod touch – so she could play games.  But if I got it out, and she was awake, it was HERS. Who was I kidding anyway?

Here are some of my kiddo’s favorites over the last year:


First Words- Deluxe – one of MY favorite apps for a toddler/preschooler.  It scrambles up the letters and you match the letter tiles the boxes to spell a word.  There are pictures and other hints.  And the settings change to make it more difficult, or to change to letter sounds.  Last summer a lady at a craft show thought my child was GENIUS for the way she was cranking them out.  Try it out for free by downloading First Words: Sampler.   Or spring $4.99 (ouch! I know, but it’s great!) for the Deluxe app.  They also have First Words Spanish and First Words: German (which we’re excited about).


Monkey Preschool Lunchbox!  This one is fun!  It’s got cute music and teaches fun basic skills like counting, matching, basic puzzles.  Bonus: your kid will learn the names of different fruit. After finishing so many puzzles your child gets to pick out a sticker.  They can end up with lots of stickers!  Only $.99!  I just found Monkey Preschool: When I Grow Up – which you can dress up your monkey to be different things.  Looks cute!


Giraffes Matching Zoo.   We’ve got the free version of this game.  Its like memory and when you match the animals they make a sound!  There is a $.99 deluxe version that has a fun button and changes the number of matches you can make to make it more difficult.  We may have to go that route one of these days, but the free version works for us so far!

What are your kids favorites games on iPod, iPhone, or Android?

Photo credits:  iTunes and the various app creators

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  • Great list! Our daughter also loves the “Giraffe’s Matching Zoo”!
    Two other apps we can recommend are: BrainPop (one new short educational video each day); and Stack the States (and its sequel, Stack the Countries), which teach and drill basic geography facts.

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