My Strong Willed Child

Monday , 23, September 2013 Leave a comment

SO maybe it is a bit early to put a label on him, but my child just might be strong willed.  It hit me as he was throwing a fit.  A fit because he couldn’t fit two macaroni noodles on his fork, and dip it in ketchup without something going awry.  This activity was accompanied by some awesome screams, shrieks, and whines.  He was insistent.  Like the noodles just wouldn’t taste the same one at a time, or eaten with his hands.  Whew.  I was worn out just watching him.  I tried my best to encourage him to keep trying.   But after about 25 ‘You can do it’s’ and ‘Almost, Try agains’  I needed a new plan. So, I tried to help him.  Turns out it isn’t easy for Mommy to do it exactly right either.

Strong Willed

So, now what?  Until now, keeping him fed and clothed have been enough.  There was no behavior that needed modifying.  I am not a big believer in a quick fix, although that would be nice.  I know I’m not going to read one magic book that will answer all my parenting questions, But I do think it is time for some research.  There is plenty that I don’t know about what to expect from Eli at this point.  Ex.  We have started putting him in time out when he is exhibiting behaviors that are less than desirable, but what exactly is the point of time out?  If he just sits there and cries uncontrollably, is he really getting anything out of it?  Obviously, I have a lot of work to do.


I could use some help.  What are some of your favorite parenting resources?  Books, websites?  Any words of encouragement as I enter the actual ‘parenting’ part of parenthood is greatly appreciated!



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