My Pregnancy Pouch Won’t Leave!!!!!

Thursday , 19, April 2012 1 Comment

Hey Mommies!!!!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have started to work out more… a lot more! I have started running again, which I love and I have also added toning into my weekly workout schedule. Wait, let me back it up for a minute and mention that I was 203 pounds when I gave birth to my little girl. I am now 116, so that is a whopping 87 pounds lighter.

My body has gone through a pretty big transformation.  My problem is that I have lost all the weight that I can and want to lose, but I still have my pregnancy pouch! Ah, how do I get rid of this pouch? Is it normal to still have the pouch at 116 or could I be facing a problem with having “extra skin” that cannot be toned?

I have decided to give myself six months of toning workouts to see if I notice any changes, if not I may have to consider getting my so called “ extra skin” surgically removed, ouch!

I want to send my pregnancy pouch packing, does anyone have any advice?

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One Comment
  • Pam McVey says:

    Amy, I have a question for you…..Are you SURE you don’t want more babies? I think if you had a chunk of skin removed there might not be room for another little one to grow without causing problems.
    Also, when I was much younger (like 35 years ago) an acquaintance of ours had that procedure and died during surgery. I don’t mean this to scare you. Medical technology has probably advanced a lot since then. But, I would have considered this procedure myself (my flobby skin as my 5 yr old grandson calls it is still with me at 64) but I always remembered this incident.

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