My New “It” Thing

Friday , 28, June 2013 1 Comment

Mamas… if y’all are like me and I hope you are, you love to shop! For yourself, for your little ones, heck even sometimes for your husband! Well I have come across the most wonderful thing to happen to ever.

Instagram shopping.

I may be a complete newb and you may all know about this already but seriously it is the BEST thing. It’s like consignment shopping from bed , the doctor’s office, really anywhere. All you need is an instagram account and paypal and you are ready to roll. Shops are easy to find by searching hashtags and once you follow one shop it seems like 10 more are trying to follow you. I love some of the vintage stuff I have found for the kids on there and not to mention the deals! You can find something last season with a tag on it for half of what it would have cost in store. I love it. And I think you will too, but it can be very addicting. Just ask my husband who is about to kill me if I get another package.

I just felt like every woman needed to know how awesome IG shopping is. I also wanted to give you a list of some of my favorite shops for those of you just starting out.

1. Love love love @sunday_peaches . Super cute boy and girl stuff and the mama who runs it is just awesome.

2.  @3girlsclosets has adorable girly stuff!

3. @londonsbritches is another girly shop that we love

4. @kingandnavy posts some super cute vintage clothes for baby.

5. @shopmiloscloset has mostly boy stuff from NB-3T.


Believe me, there are a ton of other awesome shops out there on IG, I just was naming a few of our favs! Make sure you definitely check it out just don’t tell your husband 🙂 It’s an addiction!


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  • Rachel says:

    Omg. I did not know about shopping on instagram! Thanks!

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