My Mother’s Day Present

Sunday , 13, May 2012 1 Comment

Eli was born in November.  Four days before my husbands birthday. Which is one month before my birthday. Which is 4 days before our wedding anniversary. Which is a week before Christmas. Yes, so far all of our family celebrations are within 2 months of each other, and all are very close to Christmas.  This year, because of timing and budget, my husband and I did not exchange birthday or Christmas gifts.  I told him before my birthday not to get me anything.  Actually, I said to save my big present this year for Mothers Day because the fact that I became a mother this year is much more significant that the fact that I turned 29.

I knew I wanted to get a piece of jewelry significant to Elis birth so I started looking for a ring that might interest me.  I couldn’t decide if I wanted something with his birth stone that I could add to as I have more children, or if I wanted something specific to his birth and nothing else.  I went back and forth, looking at both ‘mothers rings’ and solitaires with his birth stone and couldn’t really decide.  Until I attended a Mom’s night out.  One of the moms was showing off the new ring that she got with her newest daughters birth stone.  She explained that she gets a ring with each child’s  birth stone that she will some day pass on to the child.  Bingo!  That made my decision much easier.  I love the idea of having something to pass on to Eli, and any of his siblings that may follow (plus, it means I get to pick out a ring for each child I have!)

I found a great setting and ordered my stone at The Queen’s Jewels in Fayetteville (all with hubby’s blessing of course).  I wish I had a picture to share with you but the stone was not in stock, so I am still waiting for it to arrive. My dad has always enjoyed getting my mom jewelry so she has many great pieces.  She has already passed some down to me and my siblings, and has much more that she will continue to pass along.  I hope that my children enjoy having something special passed down to them.

Even though my big present is not here yet, my first Mother’s Day was very special.  We had Eli dedicated at church, and my parents were able to be there because they are visiting from out of town.  My hubby made a great meal after church (omelets, homemade hash browns, and biscuits to continue our ‘breakfast after church’ tradition)  and even brought me a plant in my favorite color.  I asked him what kind it was and he said “I have no idea. It is yellow.”  He knows what I like!

How was your Mother’s Day?

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    That’s a great idea! Glad to hear you had a memorable first Mother’s Day!

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