My Daughter The Alligator

Thursday , 24, January 2013 Leave a comment

It was one of those nights when I was wishing my 3 year old would JUST. GO. TO. SLEEP. And, maybe I’ve watched too many episodes of Gator Boys on Animal Planet, but while I was getting her ready for bed she performed a death roll that any alligator would be proud of.  Don’t know what a death roll is?  Check it out!

It’s a maneuver an alligator uses to kill prey, but it’s a tactic my daughter has devised to avoid sleeping.  Every night after several books, chit chat, getting a drink, using the potty (and whatever else she thinks she can get away with) we are finally ready to turn off the light so (supposedly) she can lay quietly while I sing her a song.  Lately this proves to be a challenge and it seems that her last ditch effort to stay awake includes rolling around on her bed just as an alligator does underwater before she finally gives up, listens to the song and falls asleep in about two minutes.  So now I am on the lookout for the death roll, cause at least it means she’s about to give up the fight for the night, and it’s kinda funny to watch!

Do your kids remind you of any wild animals?

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