My Consignment Sale Plan!

Wednesday , 1, August 2012 6 Comments


Last year, I was new to the whole consignment sale thing.  We didn’t have them in Iowa so it was all new to me.  Of course I fell in love!  Read about one of my previous consignment sale experiences  here. Maggie posted her results and some great tips here.   Last year I didn’t need a whole lot for Eli because of hand me downs and gifts, and because a newborn doesn’t need much else.  Now, I need winter clothes, toys and a few other supplies.  In true OCD fashion, I wanted to make a plan for my consignment sale shopping experience.  Here goes:


My Consignment Sale mission….should I choose to accept it….is:

Budget- $150

Clothes– Size 18-24 months

-10 pairs of pants: jeans, khakis, and sweat/athletic pants

-10 long sleeved shirts

-1 or 2 jackets

-5 sweatshirts





-Mega Blocks

-Balls- Eli is only has one and is obsessed with it

-Wooden puzzles with big pieces

-Tool bench- (possible 1st birthday present) will spend up to $25 for one in good shape



-Baby Gate

-Toy Storage- shelf with bins or cubbies of some sort.


My Plan:

-I am going to have to pace myself.  I am sure I could purchase most of these things at the first sale I go to, but I will make sure that what I buy is truly a good deal.  There are a LOT of sales this fall.

-I will try to stay >5 for pants, sweatshirts, and jackets and  >3 for shirts

-I am going to try to be at the first few sales as soon as they open on the first day.  I will look for the big ticket items at that time- baby gate, tool bench, toy storage- most of the time the big ticket items don’t make it to the 1/2 price day, and some aren’t even 1/2 price eligible.

-I will look through the clothes the first day, but plan to come back for the 1/2 price day for most of my clothes purchases.

-I am going to take my list of wants/needs with me, and keep it updated so I know what I have already purchased and what I still need.

My first stop will be at the Like New Consignment sale this Friday!  Wish me luck!

What is your plan?  Do you see anything in my plan that needs to be adjusted? I am open to suggestions!!



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  • Kim says:

    In my experience, the sales here aren’t nearly as cut-throat as the ones I went to in Texas but a trick my friends and I used in Texas is to volunteer to work the sale. Alot of the sales (at least in Texas) allow anyone who volunteers or consigns to shop before the sale opens to the public. You can volunteer to set up, work the actual sale or tear down. The best time to volunteer is to help set up all the stuff because then you get to see what is for sale and when you get there to shop you can just head straight to your big ticket items. A few of the really good sales where I used to live weren’t even really worth going to the public sale. All the good stuff was gone after the volunteers and consigners shopped!! There also were really big lines out the door before the sale even opened! Thankfully the few I’ve been to here have not been so crazy!

  • Kim says:

    Oh and let us know where all these sales are! I’ve only heard of one so far.

    • Rachel says:

      I was at a sale when it opened at 8:00 this morning and there was no line. Quite a few shoppers, but nothing like the ones you talk about in Texas. I have thought about volunteering before to have that advantage of shopping ahead of everyone else. That would be great! Take a look at the ‘consignment sales’ link on our page to see a list of local sales! Good luck.

  • Julie says:

    Good list! I like that you have a price point for each item, too. I used to always go on half price day, but now that my daughter is a little older I’m willing to pay for because it’ll get worn more-especially for “cute” stuff.

    On my list are pants & blue jeans for my daughter. My little boy is set as far as clothes but is in need of shoes- I usually buy those new but had some good luck in the fall with almost new shoes, so I’ll try again this spring. I may be on the lookout for some easy reader books and Christmas gifts.

    • Rachel says:

      So, I am headed back tomorrow for half price day. The prices were not bad, but why not pay half of not bad 🙂 I ended up with 2 pairs of shoes today. I did have to adjust my list a bit….I left out long sleeved rompers. I think I’ll look for 5 of them. Saw a few at the sale today and they are so cute! And easy! One piece, easy to change a diaper. I need a few of those!

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