Moving On: My PSMB Story

Wednesday , 28, March 2012 2 Comments

When I moved the Atlanta area I knew no one!  I had just moved from my hometown of 26 years across the country with my almost 1 year old daughter for my husbands new job. We unloaded our entire POD by ourselves.  My daughter had her first birthday party at a couples house we had met at church 2 weeks before.  Our church wasn’t full of children, this couple was one of the only ones that had a child close to our daughters age.

We were a one car household.  If I wanted to go anywhere we had to venture out in the morning to take Daddy to work first.  After a few months I found a Baby Talk program I loved at the  library (@ Battlecreek Library in Morrow.  Ms. Bea is AMAZING) so we did that every week.  Otherwise, there was nothing to do each day except read books, play with toys, walk around outside, naptime, etc.

I didn’t know anything about and  it never occurred to me to search Google for a Moms group (just being honest here).  It really never occurred to me that having a larger network of Mommy friends might have made it better.  We just hung out together, went to the library, occasionally met up with our few friends, and pursued a few hobbies. Regular life right?

I won’t lie, our first year in Georgia, we were NOT in love. Both hubby and I felt sort of “blah”.  Then our apartment started getting burglerized (yes ‘getting’ as in MORE THAN ONCE).  Which is when we decided to look for a house farther south.  Things began to look up.  I can’t say things were very different day to day, but it did get better in our new neighborhood.

Rachel approached me about the idea of starting Peach State Moms Blog almost 2 years after moving into our house.   I’d pretty much been living my little life up until then.  I’d actually found a couple  moms groups where I lived but never hopped on the bandwagon.  Blogging though, that was something I could get on board with, I’d kept a personal blog for four years.

The more I learned, the more the City Moms Blog network appealed to me.  How different might I have felt that first year in this brand new place if at the very least I had someone to connect with online?  A place that I found out about events in my area  rather than a 40+ minute drive north, in stores I ‘d never seen or heard of.

Being part of PSMB has changed the way that I look at my local area.  I notice the little shops in and around McDonough (or any S Atlanta city I drive through really).  I actually visit them.  I’m aware of some of the events in the community.  I think about how they could/do involve moms and families.   This is a far cry from where I was three years ago!

Now that I finally feel settled here, and yes, happy here,  we got a new job.  It was a surprise to say the least, I expected to be here for four more years.  Back where we came from, in the (general) area of our family, wasn’t an opportunity to pass up.  There are too many things going on there we feel we need to be present for!

The vision that Rachel and I have for PSMB I hope will be realized.  A resource for moms South of Atlanta, and eventually all around metro Atlanta.  I wanted start this blog so that no one has to be me when they arrive in Atlanta without family and friends.  Now I know it can be so much better.


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  • Steph says:

    Love this testimony Maggie! So happy to have you a part of the CMBN team! Best of luck in your move!

  • Maggie says:

    Thanks Steph! It’s been eye opening. I learned so much! It was really something to think back about all this!

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