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Monday , 25, March 2013 Leave a comment

We first introduced you to The Music Garden in this post.  Since then, owner Luanne has been busy conducting music classes for kids (and moms and dads) of all ages!  If you haven’t had the chance to join them, it’s not too late.  If you aren’t sure if the Music Garden is for you, you can try out a class for free.  But let me tell you that you’ll love it.  Here are a couple testimonials from moms that are loving their classes at The Music Garden!

16 month old Kenny loves to go to music class & to sing & dance. His favorite things are the scarf song & when we sing & dance in a circle with the other moms & babies. My normally very clingy toddler will run right into class! I love the interaction he gets with other kids & that I get to talk with other moms!


The Music Garden has been really great for Santi. He loves the songs and especially the free dancing portions. I love seeing how he is gradually starting to recognize songs and even taps the sticks together now, when all he used to do was put them in his mouth. Luanne’s love of music and children makes the sweet peas class a fun and joyful experience for both babies and mommies!


I couldn’t agree more.  Eli is familiar with all the songs we sing in class and I find him doing the actions when we are at home.  When I sing the songs for him he gets so excited!  I play the CD with songs from class in the car and he LOVES it.  If you want your children to have a great time, while putting in place the building blocks for great musical abilities in the future, the Music Garden is a great place to start!


The Music Garden is now taking reservations for Summer Camp!  We’ll all be looking for a cool place to send the kiddos when the summer sun finally gets here.  The Music Garden’s summer camps are a great fit.  Contact Luanne at (770) 487-0079 for the most up to date info about summer camps!

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