Money Saving Monday: Post Holiday Tips

Monday , 26, December 2011 Leave a comment

Rachel’s tips for saving money-Post Christmas 2011

-Check out grocery stores for their sales on leftover holiday food fare.  I already purchased a couple turkeys to freeze and use throughout the year.  According to this article, Turkey can be stored in the freezer for at least a year.

-If you are like me, you are not quite done celebrating the holidays.  I have a family ‘Christmas’ next weekend, and a couple holiday parties left to attend.  I decided to wait to buy gifts for these occasions until after Christmas to take advantage of some of the ‘after Christmas’ sales.  I am not sure that this will end up being more economical than shopping on say, black Friday…but I won’t have to get up at 4am to do my shopping!

-If you received a gift card in your stocking, make sure that you use ALL of the money on it.  How many of us have gift cards from last year with $.82 left on them?  This drives me crazy!  Someone paid good money for that card…might as well take advantage of it.

How are you going to save money as we approach 2012?



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