Money Saving Monday: Do Without

Monday , 16, January 2012 3 Comments

“Use it up, Wear it out, Make do, Or do without!” L. Reid

I love the above quote from the Great Depression era.  Folks that lived through that truly knew how to get by on very little.  As a new stay at home mom, it has been necessary to reevaluate the family finances.  I didn’t bring home 6 figures before deciding to stay at home, but my wages made a bigger impact than I previously thought.  We are a pretty frugal family to begin with, so we have had to be creative in order to save more money. We are hoping to purchase a house by the end of the year, so saving money is a top priority in 2012.

A recent post by Allison at our sister site, Austin Moms Blog about the sacrifices we make to be able to stay at home with our kiddos got me thinking about the things I have given up….and what I should consider eliminating.

*I recently got rid of my android cell phone.  I activated one of my older phones and am still able to talk and text.  I couldn’t justify the cost of the data plan when I am next to my computer most of the day.  Honestly, I have enjoyed not being attached to my phone all the time.  I used to check Facebook while nursing.  Now, I’m reading a book. Reading a book seems more worthwhile.

*We have stopped eating out as often.  Before baby, we would eat out at least once a week.  Now, it is more like once every 3 weeks.  I have been cooking a lot more, and while I am not the best cook, we are all full by the end of the day.  Mission accomplished, and money saved!

*I finally got out my winter clothes, and realized that I have WAY more clothes than I need/have room for.  I also had my husband go through his clothes.  So, I now have a big bag of clothes to take to a consignment shop.  I plan to take them to Red Door Consignment Company, and will report back later this week about my experience there.  I have enjoyed shopping there, but have never been a consignor.  We’ll see how it goes.

**Next on the ‘Ways to save money’ list is to get rid of our stupidly expensive cable T.V.  While it is nice to be able to pause/rewind/record….it is definitely NOT a necessity.  We have talked about all the things we could accomplish if we weren’t watching so much T.V. I think it is time to make it happen!

What sacrifices have you/should you make to save money?

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  • Julie says:

    I’d LOVE to cut out our cable, but hubby is firm on “no” for now. 🙂 Things I did back when I first started staying home were making everything from scratch, (I need to get back to this b/c it is healthier!!) cloth diapering, and making our own household cleaners instead of buying chemical ones. Those last 2 are things we still do today even though hubby’s income has increased. I LOVE that quote, though!!

    • Rachel says:

      Good Point, Julie. We’re on the cloth diapering bandwagon too. I hadn’t thought about making things from scratch. I do that sometimes because it is healthier, but i guess it is less expensive too!

  • Maggie says:

    We never had cable until it was included with our apartment (when we moved here), and we were a one car household for a couple of years (it wasn’t worth it to pay for two cars to come across the country). We used the library a lot for kid activities and played outside everyday. I’m having a harder time making all that happen with two kids though! Cooking at home is probably a big one! And making your own cleaners. I’ve never been good at that!

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