Mommy SOS: Time for a New Carseat

Tuesday , 19, June 2012 3 Comments


I have a problem!  My 7 month old son has outgrown his infant carseat.  Come on–isn’t he still an infant?!?  I guess I was not expecting this to happen so soon.  The thought of needing a new carseat had not even crossed my mind.  My husband just happened to be reading the information on the side of the carseat and found out that it is only for babies up to 22 lbs.  Well, Eli weighs–yep– 22 lbs.  So, I need a new carseat and a new plan ASAP.  I haven’t done much research, but I would like the next carseat to be the last one we need to purchase for him and am willing to spend the necessary amount to get a good carseat that will grow with him.

Hard to believe this little guy is ready for a new seat!

I assume he still needs to be rear-facing for now….what else do I need to know?  We have been very happy with the Graco infant carseat.  What brands are good/ should I stay away from?  Is there a good resource for carseat info?  I would love to hear about your experiences before I make my next purchase.  HELP!!

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  • Julie says:

    We’ve have the Evenflo Triumph convertible car seat since Little Brother was about 7 months & love it! I think there are a few different models of that particular seat, but it got a great review on Consumer Reports. I believe it goes up to 40 pounds, and my favorite part about it is how easy it is to adjust the shoulder straps-just slide them up & down instead of having to loop them through.

  • Kim says:

    Yes, Eli will still need to be rear facing until 2 years old. (It used to be 1 year but now they recommend 2 years as rear facing is the safest way to travel). We kept Chase rear facing until 2 and didn’t have any problems with his comfort. We have the Britax Boulevard and have been very happy with it. It’s very padded and highly rated for safety. It can be used rear facing up to 35-40 pounds and forward facing to 65. We also have a Cosco seat that we use for air travel because it’s very light and easy to move and came with it’s own travel bag. It was super cheap ($40) but very highly rated for safety. It’s not very padded at all but Chase seems comfortable enough when we use it. Sometime the straps are hard to work though. Another seat I looked into when I did my research was called Sunshine Kids. It is supposed to be great too and it has an even higher weight limit if you are worried about Eli outgrowing another seat too soon. I had the same issue with Chase and was looking into higher weight limit seats but then his weight suddenly evened out so we didn’t have a need for this seat. One more thing to consider is what type of car you have. When we first got the Britax I was driving a small sedan. I was unable to put the seat in the middle in the back (safest spot) and had to put it behind the passenger seat. To accomadate the Britax rear facing we had to move the front seat all the way foward which did not leave any room for anyone to ride in the front of the car. We soon ended up buying a bigger vehicle.

  • Rachel says:

    Thanks, Ladies! One of the comments on Facebook suggested going to Babies R Us where they will let you take the floor models out to your car to test out the fit. I will definitely have to do that since I drive a car. It isn’t a small car, but the back seat is not huge, so hopefully we’ll find something that fits.

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