Mommy SOS: Potty Training

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 When I began penning this entry I was in a very bad place with regard to potty training.  I had just called my sister-in-law to complain about how my almost 4 year old had pooped on the FLOOR for the first time ever, and we were really going backwards and what on earth do I do now??

Believe it or not, you are going to get the short version of our potty training story…

I don’t know that I’ve met anyone that enjoys potty training.  Like most things, I’d read a few articles, talked a few people and had some basic ideas about what I thought I would try.  That is extensive as my research gets.  But I kept putting it off.  I might have potty trained around 27 months, but my husband had just left on a deployment and I felt that it wouldn’t be a “good time.”  My kiddo would sit on the toilet sometimes and play but that was it.

Fast forward to my three year old.  We’d still only been haphazardly encouraging potty usage.  We were pretty certain that in her mind Pull-Up = diaper.  We wanted to send her to half day preschool in 7 months (must be potty trained) and shortly after that found our about baby #2.   So, about 8 months ago now I decided we were going straight to underwear – come what may – every day.

As you can imagine, at first it was no-fun-for-mom with lots of peeing on the floor/in the car seat and plenty of cleaning and laundry.  We did high fives, star charts, m&m’s – usually a combination of these three to encourage potty usage.  It took some time, but number 1 we have under control.

My problem is number 2.  Miss Princess would pretty much hold out until the night time Pull Up went on to go poo.  A little over a month ago we ditched all Pull Ups.  Night time potty training has gone remarkably well, I think I’ve changed the sheets 3 times in the last month.  I say “win” on that.  But number 2?  Downhill like a rock with ever increasing speed.  All of a sudden underwear = diaper…?!  And I’ve got nasty underwear to clean every day.

We had earned some stars (she LOVES the stars) on a special poo poo potty chart when, for a few weeks before preschool started, she would run around the house sans underwear and always go number 2 on the potty.  With school, we just don’t run around naked so much anymore.  And if you were reading the top paragraph you saw a few days ago we’d regressed to pooping on the floor.

I blame the pregnancy hormones for making me ever less patient.  I’ve had her help me clean the underwear, I’ve had her throw the underwear away (she doesn’t like that, but who can keep buying underwear??), and lastly we started taking stars OFF the chart.  Both mom and princess cry about that one.

In the last week, I’ve really felt like I’ve got to stop the cycle of negativity. Too much attention is coming around for the wrong behavior.  But I feel like we can’t celebrate anything because I can’t get her to go number 2 ON THE POTTY.  Apparently this is an area where I lack creativity so moms – help me out.  Any fresh thoughts about number 2?  Potty training in general?  I’ll take anything!

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