Mommy SOS: I Need Some Sleep!

Monday , 2, April 2012 5 Comments

Help!  My 5 month old is waking up 5X a night!  It is time to enlist the help of YOU seasoned mothers who know how to get a baby to sleep through the night.

Here is what we are dealing with:

Eli goes to bed around 8pm, quite peacefully (usually).  We swaddle him, and lay him in his crib.  If he isn’t dreary eyed yet, I turn on the mobile.  Usually, this is all we have to do.  He sleeps until about 11 or midnight

Then, he ‘wakes up’.  When I go in to check on him, his eyes aren’t even open, but he is whining and rocking back and forth, trying to break out of his swaddle (if he hasn’t already).  If he has broken out of his swaddle, he has rolled over to his stomach, and is Mad!  So, we roll him over, re-wrap him (which is not easy, when he is irritated), and he goes back to sleep. For about an hour….if we’re lucky.

Repeat this process once an hour until 4am when I nurse him.  I have stopped nursing him through the night but usually either need to pump or nurse him by about 4 and honestly, it is just easier to nurse him.  Then re-wrap and he might sleep for another 2-3 hours.

My questions for you are:

1.  How did swaddling work for you?  I probably need a new method or special blanket or something…any suggestions?

2.  I would like to avoid going in to his room every time he wakes up, but when he rolls over, I feel like I have to….because he’s not supposed to sleep on his stomach yet.  Thoughts?

3.  Help! Any other suggestions will be greatly appreciated (and over-analyzed) until I figure this thing out!



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  • Sounds like you’re off to a good start with him falling asleep on his own and not feeding him through the night.

    Are you still wrapping his arms in the swaddle, or just legs? By 3-4 months, we would just use a blanket to wrap his legs, swaddle-style, and leave his arms free.

    I know it’s not officially what they say, but we were pretty relaxed on the whole sleep position thing once he could easily get onto his stomach. The highest risk of SIDS is between 2-3 months of age, so once we got to five months or so, I quit fighting it.

    Our pediatrician recommended the book “Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child.” The recurring theme of the book is that an earlier bed time (up to as early as 6pm or so!) is the cure for almost all sleep problems. I’ve read multiple books on sleep, and this one is worth a read.

    At this point, we’re having pretty good nights and just trying to figure out if there’s a way to convince him that the day should start around 6:30am instead of between 5 and 5:30am. That, and my breasts still not used to NOT feeding him overnight, which leaves me uncomfortable and restless by 3am!

    • Rachel says:

      We do still swaddle with arms in. Because of his skin stuff (general irritation, etc.) He rubs his cheeks a lot, especially when he is tired and in his sleep, making them raw and irritated. I will have to check out that book. Thanks for the recommendation. Interesting that an earlier bedtime might help…who knew?

  • Julie says:

    I wish I had some advice for you- we co-slept with B until he was almost a year old and we had to have a Come To Jesus/Cry it out for 2 hours when he was about 11 months. I hated doing that but NO ONE was getting any sleep, and I’d tried everything else. I do believe in baby feeling most comfortable when they co-sleep, but I know it isn’t for everyone, and even it wore out its welcome at our house! Sorry! Wish I had something more helpful to say! hehehe.

    • Rachel says:

      You know, I have realized that I am just going to have to find what works for us! Seems like he was sleeping better when I fed him 2-3 times a night. I might just have to go back to that. I did enjoy the quiet time with the little guy in the wee hours of the morning.

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