Mommy SOS: big changes ahead

Tuesday , 6, March 2012 2 Comments

When I was 16, my dad decided to move us across town.  Away from the house I’d been in my ENTIRE life.  Needless to say, as an introverted, established teenager, I was not very happy.  I liked my house, my school, my friends, and I suspect I was a big pain in the rear, rather than a big help when it came to selling the house.  It took us about a year to sell the house, and while we did still move across town I was able to spend my senior year at the same high school.  I still made some new friends in the new area (thank you church!) and I got to visit some really great businesses and shops I would never have known before.

Fast forward ten years and I found myself moving us across the country.  Although kinda sad to leave all of our friends and family behind, it’s somewhat exciting to take your little family to a new place.  Little Princess was almost 1.  I don’t know how much we talked to her about moving.  She was just excited to take a plane ride!  She loved running around an empty apartment and checking out new parks.  Much better than a 16 year old grumpy pants.

Now she’s 4 and we’re looking at another big move.  And I find myself thinking, how do I explain this to my daughter?  “Hey honey, how would you like to see grandma and grandpa more often?”  How do I explain that she’ll no longer go to her preschool class, or see her friends?  How much can you even prepare of 4 year old for something like that?

What have you done to prepare your children for big changes?  Do you have a good resource for preparing them for a move?


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  • Julie says:

    We moved last September, and I basically just talked and talked and talked more about it, including all of the new fun things that we’d do in our new house & neighborhood. We also let her go house hunting with us. Good luck!

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