Mommy SOS: Achoo! Allergy season

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Originally, I was hoping this would be an informational post.  Hey!  Look what you can do during allergy season in Georiga!  But I found that my knowledge about the topic was woefully inadequate.  A Google search on the topic was woefully inadequate.  Theme?

Even though we’ve been in Georgia over three years, I haven’t really dealt with allergies.  My husband (who has greater issues) was deployed the last two springs.  Last year I had a sore throat, that eventually turned into a cold, so I was never sure if it was allergy related.  This year my husband woke up on Sunday eyes streaming, hacking up a lung.  Every time I walk outside I get a headache.  (Weird) So far, my children only suffer a few extra sneezes.

I’ve lived in areas of the country that consider pollen count over 500 to be high.  Yesterday the Pollen count in Atlanta was 9300+ which blew the previous record of 6000 out of the water. Sheesh!  When we got home from the park my daughter looked like she had taken a bath in popcorn butter powder.

Just in the last few minutes, I’ve come up with a few resources 🙂

What are Pollen and Mold counts?

Atlanta Allergy:  Great site that tells you what the count is for the day, what is high (trees, weeds, grass), and gives some tips for surviving high pollen days like, take a shower at night so you are not breathing pollen from your skin and hair all night!  Of course!  Everything Pollen right here

Discovery Health:  What does Pollen count mean for your allergies?

So, besides pop a Claritin, what do you do to get through allergy season?

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