Mommy Guilt

Thursday , 23, August 2012 Leave a comment

School has begun and so has all the school-time craziness!  This year I have a first grader and in two weeks my pre-schooler will start his school career.  With two kids in two different schools, I am trying to figure out the best way to be an involved parent for each child.  And, part of my worries, are that I feel like I need to keep my time split equally between the two, while hopefully maintaining my sanity.

But, therein lies the problem, ”equal” time for each child.  For the last two years I have volunteered in my oldest son’s classes.  For pre-k I was in his class once a month and for kindergarten I was in his class weekly.  Wanting to do the same for my second son I asked his teacher what volunteer opportunities there are, and beyond a few class parties to help with, there aren’t many.  I felt disappointed they weren’t seeking more parent involvement, and I felt sad that I may not get to be as much a part of my pre-schooler’s start in school as I had with my oldest.

And then there are the questions that pop in my head:  Will he be upset I’m not in school as much with him?  Will he think I’d rather be doing things for his brother?  Will he be scarred for life because I didn’t bring a snack in once a month to his pre-k class????

Mommy guilt, mommy guilt, mommy guilt……it just never ends, does it?!?

So then my rational side takes over and reminds me that I will be taking him to and from pre-k everyday, I’ll volunteer to help with parties, and I’ll anxiously wait to hear the details of his adventures in school each day.   I will have opportunities to be involved in different ways with my pre-schooler, and that’s ok….he has his own path to follow, and I need to put the guilt down so I can hold his hand along the way.

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