Mommy Confessions: I am not a germaphobe

Monday , 6, May 2013 1 Comment

On a scale of ‘eating a cheerio off the bathroom floor’ to ‘disinfecting the light switches every day’ I am somewhere in the middle.  Most of us probably are.  My house isn’t as much dirty as it is cluttered.  I have cleaned up my act a bit since Eli has been in the picture, but try as I might, I am just not germaphobe material.

I hadn’t really given the subject much thought until recent conversations and interactions with other moms.  Sometimes I feel the need to explain that it is ok for my child to eat that cracker that just fell on the ground.  Like I have to defend my position.  I have actually been ‘scolded’ by other moms who -apparently- would’t let their child do the same thing.

I get the impression that all the cool moms are germaphobes. When did it become popular to carry around hand sanitizer 24-7?  I should be used to not being part of the cool group, but this one caught me off guard.


Just for clarification,


Wash my child’s hands before and after eating

Wash my own hands after changing diapers

Brush my kids teeth at least once a day

Let my child eat things that fall on the floor (most of the time…)

Allow my child to get nice and dirty- especially while playing outside



Sanitize the handle of the grocery cart

Take my child to playgroups when he is sick

Use antibacterial anything (unless it happened to be on sale)


One of my good friends recently said that the reason she is such a germaphobe is because her daughter has been sick so many times.  I get that.  We have been really lucky so far (knock on wood).  Other than the eczema and a round of bronchitis, Eli has been mostly healthy.  Maybe if he had been sick more often I would use more hand sanitizer.

Whew.  I’m glad I got that off my chest.  Now if you see me out in public doing anything unsanitary, you can assume that I am doing it on purpose.  Feel free to scold me, just don’t expect me to change my behavior.

Are you a germaphobe?  Do you feel pressured to be one?  What are your limits when it comes to germs?


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One Comment
  • Jamie Wyatt says:

    I agree that lots of people go overboard about germs, but this video may change your mind about the 5 second rule! Articles like those he cited changed mine–along with my high school best friend’s daughter almost dying from e-coli a couple of years ago!

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