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Tuesday , 29, January 2013 1 Comment

Thanks to Mommebox I had the opportunity over the past week to try out some great products in their Healthy Living box.  Mommebox creates curated monthly boxes and delivers them to your door so you have great products to pamper yourself with!  Take a look at the goodies in the January Healthy Living box.

Click Expresso Protein Drink is a “Coffee Lovers Protein Drink” and even though I am not a coffee drinker, I am a fan of protein drinks and I really liked this one!  It is a yummy mocha flavor and I like that it has protein and vitamins for a little added nutrition.  You can drink Click warm or cold and I chose warm cause it was a chilly morning so I needed to warm up! 

Plant Fusion Protein Powder is a low calorie, high protein snack shake.  This was the first time I have ever tried a vegan approved plant protein drink.  I used it as a snack one morning and enjoyed the consistency because it was thick like a shake, but found the vanilla taste a little different than I expected.  I appreciate that this product is made by a company working to reduce their impact on the environment and provide healthy alternatives.

EcoTrekBars are made with natural ingredients and let me just say, who wouldn’t want a dark chocolate toasted coconut bar???  I was eager to try this out and wasn’t disappointed!  It tasted as good as it sounds and has 6 servings of fruits and vegetables in a low calorie, vegan, dairy free, high protein bar.

Health Warrior Chia Bar is another low calorie, high nutrition bar that I was excited to try.  I have heard a lot lately about chia seeds but haven’t had the chance to try them.  It is a yummy coconut flavored bar with a great combination of crunchy and chewy.  This bar is also high in Omega-3’s, another great snack to keep around!

Glee Gum There were two samples of gum and a great BOGO coupon also!  Gum is a favorite at our house so the kids got in on the fun.  I tried the Triple Berry gum and the kids had the Lemon-Lime gum.  Glee Gum uses natural ingredients without using preservatives, artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners so I can worry less when the kids want to chew A LOT of gum.

Dr. Cleangreen’s Handy Essentials   As any mom knows, hand sanitizer can be a lifesaver!  I made sure to put this in my purse so we’ve used it several times.  The smell is pleasant and not as overpowering as others we’ve used because it is essential oil based.

Also in the box is a $10 off coupon from Dr. Robin, which makes gentle skin care products for kids.  A 20% discount from hyde, a maker of organic cotton yoga clothing.  And, from Sambazon, a coupon for a free Sambazon  Superfood Juice or Smoothie.  I can’t wait to try all of these too!

The awesome thing about getting a product sample is you can give something a try before you buy!  I really enjoyed the products in my box and think it offered a great selection.  I also like that it gave me a chance to try a couple of things I’ve never used before.  Thanks to the Mommebox Team and keep up the good work!

Check back later this afternoon to see what Liz thought of her Mommebox!

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PSMB was given Mommebox product for review but the opinions expressed are our own.



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