Mom To a Preemie, The First Event

Tuesday , 4, June 2013 1 Comment

So after  a few years of trying, post miscarriage and a PCOS diagnosis along with wealth of other procedures, I was now pregnant. So why is it that I thought that the uphill climb was over? Well, it was because I never gave the idea that I may not have a “normal” pregnancy a second thought. I mean, all I had to do was get pregnant and past week 12 right?  I had even decided that I was going to see a midwife and do everything au naturale. Well as they say, things do not always go as planned…..

At 24 weeks gestation, while attending a departmental Thanksgiving party, I felt that something was not right. After much deliberation, I called over to the Labor and Delivery department at the hospital that I worked and spoke to the Nurse Manager who was also a colleague.  I told her about my symptoms and she asked me to come over and they would check me and have me back to my office in no time. I remember the shuttle ride over to the hospital from my office building. I had a lot of thoughts. Thoughts that  I did not want to say out loud  for fear of putting negative proclamations into the universe. However, I was nervous and hoping for the best but fearing the worst.

When I arrived at L&D that day I remember that the clock in the waiting room said 2pm. I said to myself,  “I should be back in the office by 3:30”, a positive thought right? Well the nurse called me back to the examination room and the next 30 minutes changed everything. It turns out that the fluid obtained during the examination was amniotic fluid which in turn meant that my water had broken. It was not a normal break but a leak. I was then told that I would be on bedrest in the hospital until the baby came or until I was 34 weeks, whichever came first.

I had so many thoughts, too many to even write but I would be lying if I said that I was not scared. As I was being given steroid injections to strengthen his lungs and overloaded with new vocabulary such as Apgar, bronchopulmonary dysplagia, and necrotizing enterocolitis, I literally broke down. Not only did I not know if my baby would live, I did not know if he would have life altering complications. It was a very dark place that only “sister preemie moms” can understand. At that time prayer and my faith were the only places that I could go. Needless to say I remained on bed rest and nothing could have prepared me for what came next……

Stay tuned to read the continuation of part two in this three part series………




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