Mohawks and Kids- A How-To Guide

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You might have noticed that in many of the pictures I have posted, my husband has a mohawk. After almost 5 years of having one, he has pretty much perfected his hair cut and style. The Goober, always wanting to emulate his daddy, loves getting his hair put up too so I thought I would share a how-to guide for cutting and styling a toddler mohawk. I get asked all the time if styling the Goober’s hair every morning takes forever and the answer is: No. If it took forever, I definitely wouldn’t do it. In the mornings, particularly on mornings when he has to be at “school”, I am barely awake and begging my coffeemaker to work faster, I’m not about to wake up earlier so we can do hair. I’d say that doing my son’s hair in a mohawk takes less time than putting a toddler girl’s hair up in a ponytail. In fact, I was curious and timed it and it came in at 1 minute 8 seconds from start to finish. The other nice thing about our process is that it survives nap time pretty easily too, so I don’t have to fix it twice in the same day if we are heading out of the house. It doesn’t hold up in water well though, so it is pretty quick to wash out at bath time and we don’t usually bother with putting one up if it is raining hard in the morning.

How To Cut a Child's Hair into a Mohawk

Supplies you will need:

  • Electric Hair razor with guard
  • Comb
  • Scissors
  • Child’s Apron/Smock (I use one from Ikea and I love it!)
  • Something to keep your child entertained (I typically use the Netflix app on the ipad)

***I am not a professional hair stylist or well-versed in cutting a variety of hair; most of what I have learned has come from finding hair cutting tutorials on Pinterest and practicing on my husband’s hair. ***

To start off, I decide how wide I want the mohawk to be and then part the hair in a straight line away from the side I want to buzz first.

Mohawk hair cut Step 1 & 2

Once I have buzzed about halfway around, I switch sides and comb the part to the other side, and then continue to buzz around the sides.

Mohawk hair cut Step 3 & 4


Once the sides are the length I want, I comb the mohawk forward and double check that it is centered and that my parts are straight, then it is time to trim the top. I basically comb it up and then starting from the back, trim forward. This part is a bit hard to explain,When I pick up a new section, I make sure some of the hair I just cut comes up too, so I can match the length. I do this for several passes to make sure it all gets trimmed evenly, though if it doesn’t, it is pretty obvious and easy to fix once the hair is put up with gel and then it is an easy snip to fix.

Mohawk hair cut Step 5

This last picture shows how the unstyled mohair can be brushed into a standard child’s hairstyle for days you don’t put it up.

Mohawk hair cut

Finally, its time to put up the mohawk for which you will need a strong gel, a setting spray, and a hairdryer.

Supplies for styling a mohawk:

  • Garnier Fructis Style Power Gel Spike Control  (it should have a 10 on it)
  • Got2be Glued Blasting Freeze Spray
  • Hairdryer

Squeeze a small penny-sized swirl of the Garnier Fructis gel into your hand and rub your hands together so that you can spread the gel evenly through the hair. Gather the hair and start pulling it up into the mohawk. Once the gel is through the hair, rinse hands and use the Freeze spray to set it and the hair dryer to dry it all. Make sure to put your hand flat on the other side of the hair so the hair dryer doesn’t push it over. And then you are done and it should be good to go. We did have to teach the Goober not to mess with his hair to much right after we put it up, but it will stand up to basic kid activities, especially after the hair has dried fully. We don’t do the mohawk all the way down the back of the head because the car seat back would mess it up and it wouldn’t be comfortable for the kiddo. So there you go, a toddler/child mohawk tutorial. As my mother-in-law has always said, “Hair grows back. Let the kids do what they want with it. And if they don’t like it, wait a few weeks.”

How to cut and style a toddler mohawk #mohawk

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