Meet the Contributors at Moms Night Out!

Wednesday , 31, October 2012 3 Comments

Have you been enjoying the posts from our awesome contributors?  Would you like to meet Rachel, Julie, Wendy, Liz, Kristin, and Jamie in real life?  You can… Moms Night Out!


Until then, we’re going to see what you know (or can guess) about our contributors

Which contributor…

Accidentally ended up at a nudist colony while on a girls weekend.

Was a member of show choir in high school even though she can’t sing or dance

Has been married for almost half her life.

Started a business with her husband when she was just 19 years old.

Won the first pageant she ever competed in when she was 18 and went on to compete at the state level.

Has been to 7 different NASCAR tracks and even got engaged at the Bristol Motor speedway, where she, of course, said YES!


Bonus Question-

Which 3 contributors have tattoos?


Join us at Moms Night Out to find out the answers to these questions!




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  • Rachel says:

    I had a good time collecting these fun facts! We would love to hear your guesses!

  • Maggie says:

    Well I know which is Rachel. And I can guess which is Kristen 🙂

  • Rachel says:

    Well, Hello PSMB Co-founder 🙂 I am glad you know which one is me! I want to know your guesses on the tattoo question 🙂

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