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Sunday , 20, May 2012 7 Comments

I have never been the ‘needs to take 7 suitcases for a 3 day trip’ type of gal.  What I pack depends on the length of the trip and, of course, the destination.  I usually make a list of what I need to take a couple days before the trip, and make sure everything on the list gets packed.  After I got married, I became aware of what my husband would need for a trip also.  I don’t usually pack for him, but sometimes I will get things started, and I at least make sure the things he needs are not in the dirty clothes hamper.  I have perfected packing for two over the course of our 6+ married years together.

Now, I need to perfect packing for a family of 3…..and I need some help.  I am going to make a list of what I would pack for my 6 month old for a long 3 day weekend trip.  Let me know if you see anything I should change.


  2 weather appropriate outfits per day

  jammies (or jams as I call them) 2 sets

  hat, swimming trunks, jacket or other seasonal necessities

 Diaper bag

  7-ish diapers per day ( I don’t use cloth while traveling)

  travel wipes package

  4 bibs

  4 binkys

  Aquaphor or lotion of some sort

gas drops, tylenol, benadryl

  4 burp rags

  2 blankets for swaddling

  1 bigger blanket to lay on the floor for playing

  4 or 5 appropriate toys

Big Stuff


  Pack N Play

  used to take the bouncy seat

Food Stuff

  baby food (my uncle is a Gerber man, it is a requirement!)


  bowl, spoon, sippy cup

Extra stuff for me

  an outfit per day plus 2 (in case of a spit up or blow out incident)

  breast pump & a couple bottles (never know when you might need to pump)

Clearly I am talking about a road trip here.  We have not yet ventured into the air with our little guy.  I feel like I have to take everything but the kitchen sink when traveling with Eli.  What do you think?  Am I overdoing it?  Is there anything I have left out?  The next time I go on a trip, I will probably use this post as my packing list so help me perfect it please!

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  • Chan says:

    Your list looks good. I use an app for packing and it has helped me out so much! The free app is called Pack Free. You can buy the full app for 1.99 and it’s called PackTM. I think the only difference is that Pack Free only lets you make lists for one trip at a time and with the full version, you can make lists for several trips. I just have the free app and it works well for us!

  • Maddie says:

    I would bring more than two receiving blankets. We kids always seem to get food/spit up/poo on them. I can never have enough!

  • Julie says:

    Ok, don’t judge me! I finally updated ours since our youngest guy is no longer an infant. Drumroll please…

    one outfit per day plus one more
    hair bow box (Sister)
    blankies for each
    backpack for each for toys, crayons, etc

    contact case
    contact solution
    one outfit per day
    hair dryer/chi
    face wash
    body wash
    hair clips
    phone chargers

    ____ outfits (1/day)
    sleep shorts

    Packing to-do’s:

    2 days before:

    *start packing-everything except day-of stuff or dirty laundry
    *any special instructions-will the cats be taken care of? wash sheets if needed? anything special going with us for this particular trip?

    Day before:
    *Do we have something to eat for when we get home? (milk, eggs)
    *laundry (that evening)

    Day of/night before if leaving early:
    *wash diapers & prep for our return
    *finish packing
    *scoop litter box
    *take out trash
    *pack cooler & snacks if needed
    *put away laundry if it hasn’t already been done
    *pack car
    *straighten up the house so it will look nice when we get home!

    What goes in the car:
    1) suitcases
    4)each kid a busy bag backpack

    • Rachel says:

      Oh, Julie. I love your list. It makes me feel normal :)….or at least like I am not the only crazy one out there!!

      • Julie says:

        Haha! I’m a notorious forgetter! (yes, ‘forgetter’ is a word.) So I figured having all of it written out for me is better. Last time I did not consult the list and wound up sleeping in my clothes because I’d forgotten pajamas for myself!

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