Love it or Leave it: Taking my Baby to the Pool

Thursday , 2, August 2012 1 Comment

Summertime in ‘Hotlanta’ as some call it, would not be the complete without some trips to the swimming pool.  Last summer I enjoyed the pool in my neighborhood (and the one in Maggie’s neighborhood) immensely.  You see,  I was 5+ months pregnant which meant I was hot and tired with an achy back.  The pool was a great place to cool off and take the pressure off my stressed out joints.  Last summer a trip to the pool looked like this…..swimsuit, check.  Towel, check. Sunscreen, check.  That’s it.

This summer, I was super excited to take Eli to the pool.  I really want him to like the water, so I planned on taking him often.  We have not visited the pool as often as I had envisioned.  Partially because we moved and no longer have a pool in our neighborhood, and partially because it is A LOT of work to take a kid to the pool.

This summer a trip to the pool looks more like this….Baby slathered with sunscreen wearing a swim diaper, check.  Extra swim diapers, check. Diaper for after swimming, check.  Wipes,check,  Sunscreen, check.  Towels,  Sunhat, Floatie, check, check, check!  Sippy cup of water, check. Whew.  Playing in the pool with Eli is fun.  He has started to enjoy the pool a good bit and I have even tried some of the techniques in the video I linked to in this post.  He isn’t swimming laps yet, but he doesn’t mind getting his whole face wet (something my brother couldn’t handle until after he was 10 years old).  Then, when we pack up and go home, a bath is a necessity.  Washing off the sunscreen, chlorine and general pool yuckiness is a must, especially with Eli’s sensitive skin.  If the sun doesn’t tire me out, the process of taking a baby to the pool does!

So, Taking my baby to the pool— Love it or Leave it?  Can I give it a nice Like it?

I Love the IDEA of taking my baby to the pool, but it takes a lot of energy to execute.  I like that Eli is getting exposed to the water, but some days a trip to the park is much easier.


Do you have any tips on making the trip to the pool less of a chore? 



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  • Julie says:

    I have to agree with you-it’s fun while you’re there, but a lot of work getting there and back! We live very close to our local pool, so this summer we just drove home wet and let them run around in the back yard to dry off!

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