Love it or Leave it: Shopping Cart Cover

Sunday , 3, June 2012 Leave a comment

Or for you locals……Buggy Cover.

I won’t beat around the bush here.  I LOVE my shopping cart cover!

Here are my reasons:

-I have a slight grocery store addiction- the shopping cart cover allows Eli to ride comfortably while I peruse the aisles.

-It is cute!

-It has all kinds of conveniences, cup holder, hooks for toys, holes for the seat belt to fit through.

-It is versatile.  It can be use in a shopping cart, of course, but also a booster seat at restaurants and I even saw a mom using it in the baby swing at the park.

-It covers up the germs.  Right?  Sure it does.  At least it makes me feel better.

-Eli looks so cute in it!

This picture is from the first time we used the shopping cart cover.  It is inside out.  I have mastered it since then.

I am really glad I registered for the shopping cart cover. It might even be my favorite baby shower gift. It isn’t something the baby can use until he can sit up, but that happens more quickly than I realized.



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