Love it or Leave it: No ‘Poo

Thursday , 19, April 2012 3 Comments

I have not used shampoo or conditioner since April 5th.  That was the day I ran out of shampoo and decided to give the baking soda and vinegar route a try.  I looked online for a  recipe, of which there are a million, most of them very similar.  Most recipes say that the amounts of baking soda and vinegar used can be adjusted based on the length of your hair, and how dry or greasy your hair typically is.

I use 1T baking soda per 1c of water (this acts as the shampoo) and 2T vinegar per 1c of water (this acts as the conditioner).

I was very curious about how my hair would react to the new concoction.  Some folks talk about a ‘transition’ period where their hair is either really greasy or really dry and difficult to manage for up to 2 weeks.  Still others share horror stories of what happens to their scalp after using this method.  I am pleased to say that none of these issues happened with me.  My hair felt a little greasy for a few days but even I couldn’t tell the difference by looking in the mirror.  I did increase the amount of vinegar from my original recipe to help control a little excess oiliness.  My hair is naturally a bit wavy and can be convinced to curl if I use some mousse while blow drying.  Since the baking soda and vinegar experiment my hair is a big more straight and has less volume.  I am still able to blow dry and go, or on days when I’m not going anywhere important I just let it air dry and that works just fine too.

I don’t smell like vinegar, my hair is shiny and healthy looking, and I might not have to buy shampoo ever again.  So for me, this No ‘Poo experiment gets a ‘Love it!’

Give it a try.  You might love it too!

A few days after going no 'poo


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  • Julie says:

    Your hair looks great! I have thought about going no ‘poo but haven’t taken the plunge yet!

  • Rachel says:

    Thanks, Julie. I don’t know if it is for everyone, but would love to hear about it if you try it out 🙂

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