Love it or Leave it: Diaper Sprayer

Friday , 27, April 2012 2 Comments

Warning:  This post may contain some potty words. 

So, what is a diaper sprayer?  It is a pretty cool device that attaches to your toilet and is used to spray the poo out of your child’s cloth diapers into the toilet.  It looks just like the sprayer from the kitchen sink.

I was first introduced to the diaper sprayer by my sister in law who was using cloth diapers on her little one.  She gave it a great review and even showed me how it worked when I visited her one Thanksgiving.

When I decided to use cloth diapers I thought I would give a diaper sprayer a try.   I got one when Eli was about a month old, but didn’t start using it until he was 4 months old.  I have only been using it for about a month, and like it so far, but can see how it will be even more helpful in the future.  As Eli eats more and more solid food, the consistency of his poo will change, making it more necessary to rinse the diapers before throwing them in the washer.  I recommend putting the diaper pail in the bathroom, as close to the toilet as possible.

This is how the sprayer attaches to the toilet. Hubby hooked it up for me.


I think the diaper sprayer is a handy tool to have if you use cloth diapers.  It isn’t really necessary until your child starts eat cereal or solid foods.

So, diaper sprayer… it or leave it.  How about like it.  I would say love it, but does anyone really love anything having to do with changing diapers?  I didn’t think so!






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  • Paige says:

    I really like mine. I am glad to have it. Makes rinsing off the poop so much easier.

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