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Monday , 17, December 2012 2 Comments

Since Eli has had such a rough time with his skin (literally),  I have used just about every lotion and cream in the book.  I have tried many different types, listened to recommendations from other mammas, and have come up with my own list of favorites.  Here are a few that I like, some that I love, and a few that I don’t.


Triple Cream–  I like that this cream is really thick.  I like to use it on the most problematic areas- ankles, elbows and waist- before bed.  I don’t like that I can only find it at Babies R us, so a special trip there is necessary.  Also, It comes in a tube—I prefer a tub.  The tube gets all greasy from using it more than once per application.



Equate Cream–  This is the generic (available at Wal-Mart)  that is most like Triple Cream that I can find. They are almost identical in thickness and fragrance.  The equate is less expensive and comes in a tub, which I prefer.



Coconut Oil– I LOVE coconut oil.  I use it all day long, each time I change Eli’s diaper.  The only problem is that it isn’t thick, so it doesn’t stay on the skin for very long (or maybe it gets soaked in really fast).  I do like that it is all natural, smells great, and doesn’t leave my hands completely lotion-y.  I purchase it at my local Herb Shop.

Cetaphil Cream– This cream is always in my diaper bag.  It is thick, but not quite as thick as Triple Cream.  It is available at CVS and Sams, where it is sold in a two pack…and since we use so much of it, that is a good deal for us!






Calendula Cream–  Not a fan.  I know lots of mammas that use this on their kiddos and love it, but it did not work well for Eli.  I have only used it twice but each time Eli seemed uncomfortable as soon as I applied the lotion, like it stung.  It is not fragrance free, so maybe that is part of the problem.  I do like the smell, though, so I have been using the rest of the jar for myself.


Aquaphor–  This is more of an ointment, and I only use it if Eli has spots that are actually raw.  It just isn’t the best for the day to day. 




With the dry winter weather here to stay, it might be time to try some new lotions or creams on your little one!  Let me know if there is anything else I should try.



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  • Chan says:

    We use Cerave Cream daily after baths. We have used cetaphil in the past on my oldest and it worked for her but her dry skin was never as severe as her brother’s. I use coconut oil on myself but find it hard to slather on the wild toddler. What brand of coconut oil do you use? Or does it matter?

    • Rachel says:

      I use whatever brand my local herb shop carries, and have gotten a few different kinds there, so I don’t think it matters what brand. I have some for cooking and some to use as lotion…..and I do keep them separate!

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