Local Library Roundup- Coweta County, Central Library

Friday , 14, September 2012 2 Comments


Eli and I took our first trip the the local library closest to our house. It is located on Literary Lane, how cute is that?!   I learned that the library closest to our house is part one of four libraries in Coweta County.    I plan to frequent the library as he grows, so it was time to get in and get our card!  After a trip out to the car to find a piece of mail to prove our Coweta County residence, the cheerful gal at the front desk set us up with our card and we headed to the children’s area.  Upon entering I noticed right away that the children’s area was VERY clean!  There was some kind of activity going on…I could hear some kiddos singing so I asked the woman at the desk what it was.  She gave me a very short answer..something like ‘toddler time’. So I asked If she had a schedule of events she said ‘no, we are out’.  You know how you can tell that some people genuinely enjoy their jobs?  Yeah, that lady was not one of them!  Next, we headed over to the board books and I was pleased with the selection.  I also LOVE that the shelves above the board books were full of Mommy books…from memoirs to parenting resources.  Maybe all Libraries have this setup, but I think it is a genius idea!  Mom can browse some adult books while the lower shelves have books for the little ones.  We each chose a few books and headed back to the front to checkout.  The very pleasant, friendly lady at the front processed our books and showed us that there is a self checkout that we can use in the future.  She even had a schedule for us since they were out of schedules in the children’s area.  I am a bit disappointed that they don’t have anything on the schedule for children less than 2 years old.  They do have events for kids Elil’s age at the location downtown, so we will have to check it out, I just wish it was at the location 2 miles from my house.





Book selection

Schedule of events



The central location gets two enthusiastic peaches for cleanliness!  I am impressed with how crisp and clean the children’s area is.  When it comes to friendliness, I gave them one peach since one staff member was friendly and helpful, and one was NOT. The book selection looked more than adequate to me earning the branch another two peaches, while the schedule of events lacks any activities for the littlest kiddos, adding just one peach.  They earned two peaches in the last category, convenience, because the location is very easily accessible from my house, and they have nice accommodations like the self checkout for ease of use.  Overall the Coweta County Central Library gets 8 out of 10 possible peaches.  Not too shabby!  We will definitely be back!



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  • Julie says:

    I LOVE our local library, and they too have parenting books in the same place as the kids books. You’re right, it’s a genius idea! Glad Eli enjoyed his trip…it’s never too late to start a love of reading! (Says the book nerd.)

  • Wendy says:

    Reading is one of the best activities you can do with your kids! I’ve got a 3 year old who has memorized and recites passages of her favorite books, a 4 year old who loves comic books and a 6 year old who read me a book tonight before bed! It’s so neat to watch them learn to read 🙂

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