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Monday , 15, October 2012 2 Comments

We recently had our first family photo shoot.  I prepared by perusing Pinterest for family clothing ideas, and then posted some of our clothing options here, for you to help us figure out what to wear.  I also talked with some friends about what poses we should be sure to get.   Then I went to the facebook page of our photographer, Brittney York of Giggles and Grins by Brittney York (you will see her at Moms Night Out!), to look at the locations where she regularly takes photos.

We chose to head over to Senoia.  When it isn’t being overrun by zombies, Senoia is an adorable little town with lots of Southern Charm.  Brittney often takes photos there so she has lots of great location ideas.  We started out in the parking lot behind the Redneck Gourmet.  Then, walked over to an old building next to the parking lot.  We also went over to the grassy area near the 2012 Southern Living House and even took a shot on the steps of the Southern Living House from 2010.  Senoia offers lots of different types of outdoor locations in a small area.  We were able to get many different backdrops without having to travel very far.  We are really happy with how our photos turned out, but of course, I am already thinking about our NEXT family photo session.

What suggestions do you have for outdoor family photos?  Any places I should be sure to check out for our family photo sessions in the future?

This is the parking lot behind Redneck Gourmet. I love the interesting brick detail!


This is the shot by the building next to the parking lot. Just a few steps from the first photo, but a very different look!


On the steps of the 2010 Southern Living House



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  • Lisa says:

    I love getting photos done! Yours turned out so good! I just had a play date at a pumpkin patch and the other mom is a photographer. She did an amazing job. I want to do a Christmas tree farm in Dec. we’ve done a golf course one too – very pretty! As far as clothing – I try to wear solids on adults so the baby really stands out. I am borrowing a floor length mirror with a wood frame from my mom and am going to do photos of the baby playing dress up in my jewelry. I also want to do a photo of reading a fairy tale to her in a pretty chair with a princess dress in the background. Did I mention I love photos?!

  • Rachel says:

    Wow, Great ideas! I will have to keep these in mind if Eli ever has a sister 🙂 The fairy tale pic will be so cute, I am sure! I like the pumpkin patch idea too, maybe next year. You are so lucky that you have a friend that is a photographer!

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