Letters to my Baby

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Archive week!  It’s a reflective day today 🙂  Here is one from Rachel!


I was recently inspired by the baby book that my Mother in law kept for my husband.  We came across the book while looking through some boxes at his parents house and it sucked us in! She did a great job documenting many momentous, and not so important occasions of his first 6 years.   As I look at the book, I realize that if his mother had not written down the tidbits of information, most of them would have been lost forever.  Some of the information, like the growth statistics, and likes and dislikes will be interesting to compare to those of our own children.

Chris's Baby Book

My Husband's Baby Book

Will our son have a love for tractors and combines like his Daddy did?  Other information, like the fact that my husbands love for ice cream sandwiches began as early as 3 years old, is just fun to know.  I also like what she wrote under the 2 year old Toilet Training Notes section “not coming along very well at all.”  Too funny. I love that I have even this small amount of insight into what my husband was like as a small child.

I can almost envision her sitting down to jot a note in her firstborn son’s baby book.  I did not know her when she was a young mother, but i get a glimpse of her in this baby book too.   This part I can identify with.  Even though my baby is not here yet, I feel the need to document this experience so he knows what life was like as we waited for him to get here.  Not just the information about him, but the information about his Dad and I, and what we were up to at this point in our lives.  He will not remember us as we are now….in our late 20′s early 30′s.  To him we will probably always be old and uncool, and we may be old and uncool someday.  But now, we are young and hip (haha)…and I want him to know that!

So, I am keeping a journal that I will give to him sometime (probably way in the future!).  I started writing to him before I knew he was a he.  And to be honest, I had to re-evaluate when I found out he was indeed, a boy.  Even though I had a feeling he was a boy the whole time, when I wrote in the journal, it was easier to envision a daughter appreciating what I was writing.

Baby J's Journal

I have since come to terms with the fact that he might not understand why I wrote the journal until he is an adult, and I figure his wife will appreciate it, so I continue.  To be honest, the journal is as much for me as it is for him.

I write about seemingly mundane things like what we did for the weekend, and keep him up to date on our travels.  I have also included some history about his Dad and I.  How we met, and how we ended up here.  I also tell him about my doctors appointments and any new information we find out about him there.  Of course, I can’t help but tell him how much I can’t wait for him to be here (when the time is right, of course).  If anything, writing to him has helped me make a connection with those kicks and jabs I have been feeling.

I decided to put my mother in law in charge of picking the baby book for my little guy, and I hope to keep up with it as well as she did, so that someday, my kid and his family will be able to look at it, and laugh at it, like my husband and I have.

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