Let's SING in the Car!

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Baby Beluga


Singing helps you count your blessings, forget your troubles, and enjoy life!

I”m confident everyone sings in the car at some point! I am an enthusiastic car-singer, which, in my mind, makes up for any lack of skill!

I have my favorite playlists on my iPhone. My car radio is set for Christian, Oldies, and Country stations.When I am alone in my vehicle, I know it”s safe to cut loose! I can belt out songs like I”m an American Idol! There”s nobody to criticize me if I”m off-key or if I am creative with lyrics. If I”m in traffic, and notice people staring, I may or may not tone it down!

I grew up listening to my parents singing together in the car, with my sister and me singing along. Singing together on road trips was one of my favorite family traditions! It made travel time pass more quickly.

My Daddy had a beautiful tenor voice. He sang in his college”s A cappella choir. My mother grew up singing music in the tradition of the Southern Appalachian mountains. My two favorite childhood sing-a-long memories, as I found them on YouTube, are: “Tell me why the Ivy Twines” and “She”ll Be Comin” “Round the Mountain.”

Young children are not critical of their mother”s singing voice! They online casino nbso love being serenaded and love singing along with Mommy. (As children get older, they become expert music critics, however!)

When my children wouldn”t go to sleep, I rocked them for hours and made up and personalized a million verses for “Hush Little Baby, Don”t Say a Word, Mama”s Gonna” Buy You a Mockingbird!

Nonsensical songs are always favorites. Children especially enjoy songs with accompanying motions.

I remember singing all the songs from the “On Top of Spagetti” album (now CD) with my childhood best friend, Julie. I also remember lots of singing with Brownie and Girl Scout friends (in, and out, of cars and buses!)

I hope you”re singing with the children in your life. If you aren”t, it is a great tradition to start. It helps time pass, it distracts cranky children, and IT IS FUN!

My children”s favorite songs were by Raffi and Wee Sing. They loved Wee Sing”s silly songs and videos. Children are like little sponges. They absorb all kinds of information through songs. My children learned Fun facts, States and Capitols, Books of the Bible, The Ten Commandments, and more.

Here is an Amazon Sponsored Link to MP3 downloads of some of the Wee Sing Learning Songs and Raffi songs. Songs made my kids more curious. We had to check out library books on beluga whales after singing “Baby Beluga.

To start our day on a happy note, every day on the way to school we sang, “This Is The Day That The Lord Has Made.” We sang it pretty much the way it is in this video, except at the end, we always yelled out, “YAY!”

What are your favorite CAR SONGS?

Be sure to click all the links to discover some FUN new songs and some hilarious old ones!

Let”s hear it for BABY BELUGA



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