Let the House Hunting Begin!

Wednesday , 23, May 2012 2 Comments

The future Jones residence? I wish!!

Coming soon, to a neighborhood near you….this Jones family…..Maybe.   That’s right, we are looking for a house to purchase.  We have finally gone beyond driving around neighborhoods and sneaking peaks in people’s windows.

The past 2 weeks I have been ridiculously preoccupied with looking at houses online.  Each morning I get an e-mail from our realtor with any new listings that meet our criteria.  I take a look at the info and most importantly, the pictures!

There is so much to think about!  Do we like this neighborhood better than that neighborhood?  What about taxes and HOA dues?  Is this house in a good school district?  How much sweat equity are we willing to put into a house? And so on…..

The good news is there are LOTS of houses for sale out there.  The bad news is….there are LOTS of houses for sale out there! Ok, that isn’t really a bad thing, but it complicates matters a bit.

My plan for finding a house is to not get too emotionally attached to anything.   Notice I said TOO emotionally attached.  I think a bit of emotion is appropriate in this situation.  I have done a pretty good job not going overboard with emotion so far.  It would be really easy for me to LOVE lots of the houses we have looked at.  I need to consider all the info about a house..not just the fact that it has a great layout, or a really cool tree in the front yard.

How did you maintain your sanity when looking for your first house?





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  • Julie says:

    Maintain sanity while looking for your first house? Is there such a thing? LOL, just kidding. I would not be a good advice giver because I was, well, obsessive about the whole process!

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