Laundry Revisited

Tuesday , 9, October 2012 3 Comments

It is no secret that laundry is not my favorite household chore.  Especially the -putting it all away- part.  I attempt to do laundry once a week and, lets face it, it’s just not working.  Not only do I actually have to do laundry more than once a week, when I DO try to do most of the laundry on Monday, it doesn’t actually get all the way done until Wednesday (at the earliest!)  I HATE the lingering baskets of clothes all over the house.  Some are clean and need to be folded, some are folded and need to be put away, and some…sadly…are still in the dryer.

I think I have devised a plan that will help cut down on the time it takes me to complete each load of laundry.  I have only been using this plan for a week now, but I already see improvement in how long it takes.  Here’s my NEW plan:

Wash clothes more often—  Earth shattering, I know.  Seriously though.  I have time each day to work in a load or two…and if I am keeping up with laundry I probably won’t even have to do it that often.  By not having to spend a whole day doing laundry I will actually save time….or at least breaking it into smaller pieces makes it seem that way.

Wash Eli’s clothes separate from our clothes—  This is the major time saver here.  Stay with me for a second…I keep a laundry basket in Eli’s room to gather his dirty clothes.  I USED to grab his basket, and throw his clothes in with all the other dirty clothes.  Only to have to divide all the clothes again later.  NOW, I take his basket to the laundry room, throw the clothes in the washer, switch to the dryer, put them back in the basket and take them to his room.  I fold them right there in his room, and straight into his drawers they go.  Then the basket is empty and ready for more dirty clothes.  Genius, right?  Pretty close, anyway!

I think these two simple changes are going to make my dreaded laundry task a bit less…dreadful.  Now if only I could come up with a plan that would make perpetual sink of dirty dishes go away.  Maybe I’ll tackle that next month!


What are your laundry tips?  Do you have a system that I (and other moms) should know about??

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  • Emily says:

    I agree- keeping Nora’s laundry separate from mine and BJ’s is a time saver.

  • Linda says:

    Let me know if you come up with the solution for dishes!

  • Jamie Wyatt says:

    Here’s my “putting away laundry solution”: We remodeled our laundry room after my daughter left for college, and built a closet with shelves and hanging space for my son’s clothes. He usually showered and dressed downstairs in the bathroom by the laundry room. I no longer had to take my sons clothes out of the laundry room to put them away, or watch them stay stacked up on the freezer because he didn’t put them away. We also put pedestals with drawers for socks, etc., under the front loading washer and dryer. (BTW I hate my front-loading washers and I will never get another front loader!) If I had it to do over, I’d build more storage in the laundry room for everyone’s clothes. That way, everyone could take what they wanted to their rooms, or just leave it in the laundry room, and go there to get underwear, socks, or whatever.

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