Kellytown Kids – Follow up!

Tuesday , 26, July 2011 1 Comment

My first “fall” consignment sale has come to a close!  Since this was my second visit to Kellytown Kids, I thought it might be a good time to write a quick review.

I was SO happy on this visit!  I only had one opportunity to make it up there, the second day of the public sale, before the half price sale began.   I expected to take a look around and possibly purchase some clothes.  I walked out with a bit more then that!  I found TWO bouncers for a good price, in good condition that I loved – I actually had to make a choice!  There were lots of clothes to thumb through.  Then I stumbled upon a Sit N Stand stroller, which is what I’d been hoping to get anyway!  After a quick call to my hubby to make sure the asked for price was actually a good deal, I added it to my purchase.  In the end, what would have cost about $275-315 new (some variance in the cost of the stroller and clothing) cost me $120.

There were also lots of toys, pack n plays, halloween costumes, bedding, and other furniture.

If you decide to visit Kellytown next year – I completely recommend it!  Keep in mind the following things:

Are you searching for a large item?  If you are going in looking for some “big ticket” items I would make it there early in the sale for the best variety.  I saw that a lot of sellers were not including their bigger (a.k.a more expensive) items in the half off sale anyway.  If you wait, it may not make a difference in the price and you may miss the best stuff.

Are you coming for clothing?  I think you would be okay to visit either the regular or half price sales.  When I visited the half off sale in the spring, the clothing in my daughters size was very picked over, but other sizes looked a bit better.  If you come in for the regular sale, you will still find some great deals on clothes  – we did!

Do a little research if you are looking for a specific type of item.  Some items might still cost more then you want to pay.  Keep in mind prices are pretty much at the discretion of the sellers.  Most people ask a reasonable price.  If they don’t, that was the sellers decision, not that of those running the consignment sale.  Be aware of your budget.  You might find LOTS of good deals, make sure you know what your cap is!

Stay tuned for more consignment sales to come!

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