Keeping your car ready for an emergency

Friday , 7, February 2014 1 Comment

Did everyone survive “Snowjam 2014,” or as I refer to it, “The Snowpacalypse?” I am so ready for spring!


Full disclosure: I made a shout out on facebook for blog topics today and my friend Rachael  chimed in with this topic. Glad she did! One thing that dawned on me watching all the news coverage is how unprepared I would have been had I been stuck in all the traffic downtown. Sure, I keep a first aid kit, blanket, and a change of clothes for each kid in the van at all times, but what I don’t have are snacks, a car charger, or anything other than the one blanket that would have kept me warm had I had to sleep in my car overnight.

car ready for emergency

In the next week or so, I plan to put a box full of the following items in my van:

1)Snacks and water. Oh, yes, I am a pregnant woman and this is #1 on my list right now. But what if I were diabetic and stuck in my car so long that my blood sugar ran too low? Scary things to think about. I think enough for 2 “meals” per person in our family would be the right amount.

2) An extra pair of clothes, gloves, and socks for the adults-and make sure the kids clothes are still fully stocked and for the right season.

3) A car charger! Mine died a few months ago and I haven’t replaced it yet. I wouldn’t have had any way to get in touch with my family because my cell phone wouldn’t have made it all night.

4) An updated first aid kit-we bought ours a couple of years ago and I’m sure we’re running out of the basic things, like band-aids, just from getting bumps & scrapes at the park, etc.

5)Another blanket. I keep a big comforter in the van so I don’t worry about us all fitting under it, but I do worry that it might not be enough if we broke down and it was very cold.

I also found this emergency car care kit on Amazon. Not sure I would buy it, but it wouldn’t hurt to have it. This list from AllState and this one from the DMV are good reference points, too.


What are some things that you’d put in your car for an emergency? Any biggie that I left off?



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One Comment
  • You have very well explained all the important points that one need to take care of during this bad weather condition. I agree we should consider emergency travel supplies as an essential part of preparing our car for winter driving. We must consider our personal needs, as well as make sure that our automobile is ready to face unforeseen conditions.