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As you know from this post and this one, my husband and I are expecting baby #2. This week we got to have our anatomy scan to make sure the new little one was healthy and growing normal and to find out whether the Goober would have a little brother or sister. The anatomy scan was wonderful since thankfully everything was looking good and it was so amazing to watch the little one yawn and move. Unlike the Goober, this little one was a bit more camera shy and it took the technician a few tries to get a good profile shot without hands and arms covering the face.

Its a 2

We got one shot though that looks like the baby was waving to us. It’s cool to see the baby start looking more baby-like and less like a gummi bear.

Its a 3


My husband and I did decide to find out the sex of the baby. Team Green just isn’t for us. We needed to come up with a easy yet cute way of announcing to our family what we were having. We didn’t want anything elaborate like a gender reveal party or that required lots of planning so we went with something similar to how we announced the Goober was going to be a boy. With the Goob, we had a local bakery in Charlotte frost a cupcake with blue icing and then snapped a cellphone picture and sent it to our family.

Its a


This time we opted to include the Goober in our announcement and went to Kroger and picked out a balloon in the appropriate color. We quickly learned to always have a backup plan, because after only a minute of trying to wrangle a excited 19 month old and a (fragile) floating orb of latex, the balloon met an unfortunate end thanks to a nearby tree, sadly before a single picture could be snapped. So it was back to Kroger for another balloon and this time we decided that an indoor location would be more appropriate. We still had to drop my husband back at his work, so we decided to just try and take a picture there.


Without further ado, see if you can guess what baby #2 is going to be:

Its a 1


If you guess BOY, you are correct! The Goober is going to have a little brother to play (and I’m sure, fight) with. I was very excited we managed to get a good picture of him with the (new) blue balloon. The outtakes of our impromptu photo shoot are pretty hilarious. This one was a close runner up, since I think the Goober’s expression is a bit “I’m going to have a little brother???”

Its a 5

Getting a family picture was a bit more difficult and truthfully, this is the best we ended up with:

Its a 4














A quick mass text to our close friends and family and the news was out.


So tell me, how did you announce your baby’s sex? Did you have a gender reveal party with a box full of pink or blue balloons or a cake with a surprise color filling? Did you keep it simple with a “It’s a boy/girl” phone call or text or Facebook post? Or were you Team Green and kept it mum until after delivery? Let us know in the comments!

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