Is Patriotism Dying?

Tuesday , 9, July 2013 1 Comment

I hope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July! I did. However, some conversations I had this past week have left me wondering: Is Patriotism Dying?

I have heard from several people that, in a lot of places, the Pledge of Allegiance is no longer a regular part of every school day. I’ve also discovered, from talking to high school and college students, that many of them have very little knowledge of our country’s history. These things make me sad.

I am proud to be an American and Patriotism has always been a large part of my life. I grew up singing patriotic songs, watching patriotic movies, and seeing my Daddy help light the fuses for our community’s Fourth of July fireworks show at the local football field.

My parents, grandparents, and family friends passed down their love of God and Country. I was brought up on  ideals epitomized by those whom Tom Brokaw called “The Greatest Generation.” These patriotic Americans reverenced God, our country, and our flag.

Those ideals are still alive and well where I spent the 4th! I just enjoyed a wonderful vacation where my family and friends, and other like-minded people, unabashedly celebrated the Independence of our United States. That’s why I decided to write this post. I want to do my part to help keep Patriotism alive!

Patriotism isn’t just for July 4th and other holidays! We need to support our country, participate in the processes of government by voting and becoming involved in issues, fly our flags, sport bumper stickers, and show our national pride all year! AND, we need to pass these things along to our children!

During the days leading up to the fourth, our family flew our flags, wore red, white, and blue, and remembered those who fought and died to keep our country free. The Sunday before July 4th, our church had a wonderfully inspiring patriotic worship service. We celebrated our Godly heritage, and the role of the United States in preserving world freedom, via music and the spoken word, in church. We paid special tribute to the eighteen World War II Veterans who are church members. We also honored all those, active and retired, who have served our country.

On the morning of July 4th, our family gathered early for a community parade. We joined thousands of people, including many multi-generation families, celebrating their love of our United States. That evening, we enjoyed an All-American barbecue, complete with hamburgers, baked beans, watermelon, and a wide assortment of other picnic foods. The evening culminated in a massive beachfront fireworks display, with fireworks from a half-dozen nearby locations serving as a backdrop along the horizon.

For many years, our family’s July 4th traditions have included parades, fireworks, and matching outfits!  We also celebrate our love of country year round by reading and watching television shows and movies about our country’s history, visiting historical sites, and talking to veterans about their experiences. We try to find opportunities to thank our veterans and active service members for their service. 

I’m sure most small towns across America have similar July 4th celebrations. I am hopeful that a majority of U.S. towns and cities, large and small, celebrated our country last week. I’m concerned, though, that our increasingly liberal/progressive government and governmental education systems are not encouraging patriotism.

It seems to me that political correctness, misplaced notions about issues involving “inclusivity,” and revisionist history are all contributing to a lack of Patriotism and national pride. Thankfully, some states are trying to reverse these trends.

I want to give a “Shout Out” to all our readers who are serving, or who have served, in the military; to those whose spouses are serving or have served, and to the spouses and families who serve by supporting our military. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!

Is Patriotism  something that is important to you and your family?
How are you helping instill a love of our country in your children?
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  • Ashley says:

    This is so true, Jamie. I am shocked by people who run out to buy a flag for the Fourth. Should we not be flying our flag everyday?

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