Internet Roundup

Monday , 9, July 2012 2 Comments

Sometimes I think the answers to all of life’s questions are online.  Here is a roundup of how I have been using the internet recently.  From teaching babies to swim, to home decor, to Downton Abbey…it is all there!

*Summer is upon us, and it is HOT in Atlanta!  We have spent a few afternoons beating the heat at some local pools.  I have wondered how best to introduce Eli to the water.  I ran across this mom’s blog about teaching babies to swim.  While it seems a little scary, I think her methods might be worth a try.

Eli hanging out at the pool with his cousin Luke


*I could also use some help decorating my house.  I have been having so much fun perusing design blogs like Young House Love.  I have read this blog for quite some time now, and might actually start to use some of their ideas.  I have more recently discovered the Pretty Handy Girl.  I wish I had known she was in the Atlanta area!  I love that her projects are a little more involved.  I am a ‘handy girl’ myself so I love that she is willing to do some projects that require more than just a glue gun.  I really want to make some ladder display shelves for my bathroom.

Ladder shelf photo used with permission of Brittany aka 'Pretty Handy Girl'


*I need to brush up on my painting skills.  My new house could use some touching up, especially in the baseboard and trim areas.  This youtube video has some good tips!


*I know we are late to the party, but my husband and I ran across and episode of Downton Abbey last night.  I saw all kinds of links on FB about Downton Abbey a couple months ago.  I don’t know what season or episode we were watching but it caught our interest.  Now I see what all they hype was about! 



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  • Thanks for the great recommendation of my blog ;-). Sorry I missed you too. Next year, I’ll be back in Atlanta.

    BTW, you are more than welcome to grab one picture of my ladder display shelves (or other projects in the future) if you like for your posts.

  • Rachel says:

    Thanks, Brittany! I think I’ll add the picture now. I just ‘liked’ you on FB so I will be updated as to when you will be back in ATL 🙂

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