“I’m a big kid, Mom.”

Thursday , 23, May 2013 Leave a comment

Did he really just say that??  I look over at him and realize that he’s right, he is becoming a big kid, whether I like it or not.  He just turned seven, he’ll be finishing first grade, and he has grown so tall that he is nearly up to my shoulder as he stands beside me.  In times like this I really do wonder where the time has gone.  Wasn’t I just writing about finally being a diaper-free house after years of having kids in diapers?  And now my oldest is declaring he is a big kid, and I think it might be true.

Maybe it’s contagious, because later in the afternoon my five year old declared the show he was watching was a baby show.  In my mind I’m thinking “Just keep watching cause I don’t want everyone to grow up at the same time!”  But, that’s what kids do, they grow up.

I enjoy seeing them grow and change, learn new things and explore the world.  Yet every once in a while something happens that makes me pause and really focus on the moment. To enjoy how far we have come as a family and think about where we are going.

So as a reminder to myself, and anyone else who can use it, I’m making an effort to not let the day to day grind of life dull my view of my family.  I need to stop and truly talk with my kids, not at them, to share a quiet moment with my husband, and to find a few uninterrupted minutes for myself to refocus my energy into being the best mom, wife and woman I can be.

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