If you give a little boy a stick

Friday , 25, October 2013 8 Comments

Happy Friday, y’all! This little parody popped into my head the other day while watching Little Brother play outside. I hope you enjoy it. Inspired by the “If you give a…..” series by Laura Numeroff. For a fun party idea inspired by this series, check out Allie’s post here!

Brandon with text


If you give a little boy a stick,

he’ll probably want something to hit.

So he’ll go off in search of a tree.

When he finds the tree, he’ll hit it 100 times with his stick-which will become also become a sword or lightsaber.

If he hits the tree hard enough (or if the tree is small enough,) an acorn will fall.

And another, and another.

When he’s gathered as many fallen acorns as he can in his hands, he’ll ask you what they are. And where they came from. And if they are food for squirrels.

You’ll have to answer 15 questions about the acorns before he moves on to throwing them.

When he throws the acorns, he’ll squeal with delight when one of them rolls into a puddle.

He’ll give you a mischievous grin seconds before he jumps into the puddle.

The puddle will feel squishy under his soggy feet, and he will think that there might be mud in that puddle.

And chances are, if there is mud in the puddle….


he’s going to want a stick to poke it with.



My kids love making toys from things they find outside! Earlier today we were at the park, and Brother brought me tiny coconut babies (walnuts) (what is a tiny coconut baby, anyway?) and Sister found a dish from a play kitchen someone had left behind, and ran a diner out of her restaurant (the playground). Of course, the food was made of dirt, so I’m not sure how long she will be in business.


What are your kids favorite things to play outside?

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  • What a very sweet post! Little ones DO ask a lot of questions, don’t they? It looks like he had fun though. We have a huge oak tree in our yard, and the squirrels “throw” acorns at us…it’s pretty funny!

  • Kita says:

    Anything inside or out that are not toys they will make a toy out of pots, pillows, remote controls you name it. My kids have allergies so we don’t get outside much but they love sticks and dirt lol

  • My kids are huge fans of looking for bugs to put in their little bug cage to observe. They put everything from lightning bugs to caterpillars in their cage and then at the end of the time, set them all free.

  • Mariah says:

    I love the “If you give a…” books and this was adorable! It also sums up my son perfectly as well! He loves going outside to see what “toys” he can find!

  • Kecia says:

    How adorable! Your children have very vivid imaginations. I couldn’t help but picture the little mouse the entire time I read your parody!

  • Melissa says:

    I love love this and it’s so true! My son loves to just run around!

  • You captured a little boy’s play just perfectly! This is so very true (and messy).

  • Shell Feis says:

    This is PERFECT! My 4 year old boy is the same way, wanting to play with everything outside. Every time we go to the park he tries to bring home 5 twigs & 3 pinecones, at least.