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Tuesday , 13, August 2013 Leave a comment

It’s official! My 2 year old is addicted to my iPad. I am not sure if this is a good or bad thing but he is. At 2 years old he can unlock my iPad, find his apps under the file that I named for him and choose which app he wants to go to. The first time that I realized how much he could do, I panicked. I just feel like for some reason it is not right that a toddler can do so much with technology. At the same time, I want him to be where his peers are. Is this what we have come to? The time that a baby can efficiently accomplish desired tasks on a “computer”. When I was his age, I was barely thinking for myself let alone working technology.

I blame myself. I am constantly doing one thing or another with my iPhone, iPad or computer. I think that it was so much that he became curious and just picked it up one day. I did not make things any better by installing applications and PBS Kids on it for him to watch and play with. In addition, I have found myself giving him the iPad to keep him quiet when needed, so in short I am adding to the mix.

In  a world that is so technologically driven and technologically demanding, what do we do? As parents, we want our children to keep up and be where other children their age are and when I am out, I see the average three year old working these “gadgets”. So what is it? Am I wrong or are they wrong and in both instance, what can I/we do to fix it?

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