I Need A Do-over

Sunday , 22, July 2012 3 Comments

Do you ever wish you could go back and re do a moment in time?  I do.  Most of my do-over moments recently have to do with how I handle myself when dealing with my son.  It isn’t like I constantly fly off the handle, but I do- too often in my opinion- get frustrated and find myself being way too short tempered, which does not help the situation at all!  My 8 month old has no idea why I get loud and bossy.  I am sure it just scares and confuses him.

Eli had the best time looking out the window at all the lights

One specific instance happened last week on our way home from San Antonio.  We were flying at bedtime and Eli fell asleep just before we took off.  Whew….except that he woke up shortly after takeoff and was NOT happy.  My usually smiley guy was fussing and crying, and I couldn’t get him to stop.  It was so unlike him.  He must have had a gas bubble, or maybe it was his teeth (of which he has at least two coming through) but whatever it was, I could not console him. Thank goodness there were only about 15 other people on the plane.  Anyway, I got frustrated.  I know it was not his fault, but my frustrations probably came through in my voice and my actions.  He eventually gave in and fell asleep, leaving me to think through how I could have handled things differently.

My cute boy sleeping on the plane

What could I have done differently?  I think it is time to figure that out.  Not just in that particular situation, but each time I feel myself getting frustrated.  What can I do differently?

-I will make a mental note of how I feel, and try to relax, even though I am frustrated

-If possible, I will ask for help with the situation, instead of trying to handle everything by myself

-I will think of a phrase,  mantra, or verse that I can recite (in my head) that will help me calm down.

What do you think, Mammas?  How do you keep it together when you are frustrated?



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  • Wendy says:

    I know there are plenty of times I could use a do-over….sometimes several a day!! Another thing I TRY to remember is “This too shall pass”, even though sometimes it doesn’t feel like a stressful situation will ever end, it will. The thing my husband is good at is bringing humor to a stressful situation, laughter lessens the stress, so get silly!! And don’t be too hard on yourself, even though you may feel like people are giving you the stink-eye, anyone with kids has been through something similar 🙂

  • Annie says:

    Sometimes, it just helps to disconnect yourself from the situation; put your baby in his crib, playpen or jumper and let him cry it out while you collect yourself. When my little girl was in one of those spells where she couldn’t be consoled, I would remind myself that although she was crying it wasn’t the end of the world. Like Wendy said, this too shall pass. Of course, that all means nothing when you’re on a plane! In situations like that, above all else – give yourself a break. Nine times out of ten, you handled it better than you think, despite the frustration you feel inside.

  • Rachel says:

    Thanks, Ladies! It is funny how sometimes we have to think in terms of ‘this too shall pass’ and other times it is ‘I can’t believe how time flies!’.

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