I Love/Hate Breastfeeding

Friday , 2, May 2014 2 Comments

Breastfeeding is not my favorite, that is for sure.  I love breastfeeding because, nutritionally, it is the best thing for my baby.  I also love that it is free and convenient.  This post is more about the /hate part of the title, so here are the reasons I hate breastfeeding.

It is messy.  Drips, leaks, yuk. Baby lets go mid snack.  He gets sprayed in the face and you end up covered in annoying little drips.  Also, don’t forget the nursing pads or you’ll end up in the middle of target with a couple wet targets on your shirt.  Yuk.

I’m selfish.  I would love to have a glass of wine or a spicy buffalo wing without giving it a second thought.  Unfortunately, Emmett isn’t as big a fan of buffalo wings as I am.  Your body is not your own when you are using it to feed someone else.

It is awkward.  I’m not talking about nursing in public although that can be awkward.  I’m talking about nursing on my own couch, in my own home…..with a 2 year old watching my every move….at very close range.  He thinks Emmett eats from ‘mommy’s belly’.  We’ll go with that for now.  I’m not a total prude, but I just don’t like being gawked at each time I try to feed my child.

It is painful.  Even after the first few weeks, there are moments where nursing is not comfortable.  I just googled ‘painful letdown’ and it turns out, I’m not the only one with this issue.

I’d love to hear if there are more ladies out there that feel the same way, or tell me that i’m way off base.

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  • Rachel says:

    I forgot to mention how uncomfortable it is to nurse in the awesome Atlanta summer heat. Ha!

  • Julie says:

    I loved it, but there were definitely times I wished I could hand my husband a bottle and leave the house for a few hours without worrying about feeding B.

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