I Love My Bug Man!

Thursday , 31, May 2012 Leave a comment

There are some definite differences between the Midwest and the South.  I talked about many of them in this blog post.  Well, one difference that I am not too fond of, is the amount of BUGS here in the South.  Not just outdoor bugs, but bugs that get IN MY HOUSE!  EWWWW!  You see, in Iowa we have this thing called winter that kills off many of the bugs.  That just isn’t the case here in Georgia.

The day after we moved into our house 2 and a half years ago, I saw a creepy-crawly centipede like thing crawling across our living room floor.  It was almost as big as my pinky and was FAST!  I almost couldn’t catch it to smash it with a shoe.  A quick google search led me to this website–click at your own risk– if you want to see pictures of the yucky things!   Since then I have probably seen a hundred of those stupid bugs.   I have also seen cockroaches (bigger than any I ever saw in Iowa!), beetles of many kinds, and spiders in my house.  As much as I hate having them in my house, I didn’t do anything about it (except smash them with shoes) until after Eli was born.  I think the last straw was when I was nursing Eli in the middle of the night and one of the centipede-like-bugs crawled up the wall right over my shoulder and proceeded to climb the wall until it was over Eli’s crib.  I set Eli down, grabbed a shoe and missed the bug twice.  I had forgotten to turn off the baby monitor so my husband was awakened by the noise in Eli’s room and came to rescue us.  It makes my skin craw just thinking about it!

Now I have a bug man come every quarter to spray for the little rascals.  I have noticed a big change in that most of the bugs I see now are already dead.  It still grosses me out, but is much better than live ones!

I have to come clean though…something that we see a lot of in the midwest is MICE.  During the winter, they like to stay warm and fed by perusing the cabinets in your kitchen.

As much as I hate the bugs, I guess I would rather deal with them than mice…..I guess.

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