I just might be a WAHM

Tuesday , 7, May 2013 2 Comments

My home office is getting a lot of use!

Nope.  That isn’t a radio station.  It stands for work at home mom.  And I’m thinking that is the definition that best fits my ‘work’ situation for now.  I had to google it.  I thought WFHM stood for work from home mom, but apparently WFHM is already taken by Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, but I digress.  For a while I called myself a ‘mostly’ SAHM (stay at home mom) since I only work away from home one day a week.  Now I work away from home one and a half days.  Throw in blogging and selling Premier Designs Jewelry and I have more than a few things to do with my ‘free time’.  I found that working on the blog during nap time left me feeling like I never had quite enough time to devote to the writing and all that it takes to manage a blog.  I usually have some down time in the evenings, but instead of being productive, I usually browse facebook and Pinterest.  Since I have a smartphone, I am able to get and answer e-mails on the fly.  Which might seem like a good thing, but really, I just feel like I am glued to my phone all day.  I guess that is why I never really had a plan for getting any actual business taken care of.  It feels like I’m doing business all day when I am constantly reading/answering e-mails, posting to FB , etc.  But really, that is not the most effective use of my time.  Oh yeah, that last letter up there that stands for MOM is supposed to be the most important.  I started to loose sight of that.  I am pretty good at ignoring laundry, dishes, and meal planning when it comes to spending time with my child, but when my phone dings, Eli runs to get it for me.  It is so difficult to let a text message or e-mail go unread.  But why?

Last week I was able to travel to Iowa for my sister’s  40th birthday.  Which was awesome, by the way.  Instead of a plain old birthday party, we threw her a prom.  Yes, a prom for the aged.  Most guests said it was more fun than any prom they had ever attended…getting back to my point.  I had some time to relax and think about how I would like to structure my ‘work’ life.  Apparently that is the kind of stuff I think about while relaxing.  Anyway, I function best when roles are well defined and a plan is in place. So first, I decided to give myself that fancy new title, WAHM.  Glamorous, I know.  Then, I came up with a schedule (version 1.0 I’m sure) that will allow me to start being the WAHM that I want to be.

My main problems were 1. never having all of my attention on my kiddo, and 2. not being as effective as possible while doing ‘work’ be it blogging, entering jewelry shows, or preparing for a Weight Watchers meeting (which is my work away from home job).  So here is my plan.  Part 1- WAKE UP BEFORE ELI.  This has been on my to do list since January.  And. I. Finally. Did. It.  I woke up one full hour before Eli today, put on my bath robe, headed down to my home office and got some real work done.  I have a categorized to-do list on my tablet to help keep me focused that early in the morning.  Part 2- Devote one uninterrupted hour each evening to doing actual work.  Eli goes to bed between 7-7:30 so that leaves me plenty of time to get some work done and still spend some time with Hubby.  Going to bed early is going to be key!  Part 3- don’t freak out about the stuff that doesn’t get done.  Tomorrow is another day.

I know that I will have to adjust this plan as I figure out what works for me.  2 hours a day isn’t that much time.  Sometimes I will work during nap time, but sometimes Mommy duties will take precedence.  But for now, I’ll be up early, working from home in my pink bathrobe.

What tips do you have for me?  How can I be most effective while working from home?

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  • Heather says:

    Plan your week or two weeks ahead. Put in everything you must do and schedule time to blog, your jewelry business and weight watchers. Don’t email or work during your time with Eli or your hubby. It wil stress you out. When you are scheduled to work. Work. Keep that promise to yourself. You will find that you will be crazy productive. You got this!!

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